This information is being provided as a tool for weather emergency closings and early dismissals.

Weather Emergency Closing or Delays

Weather emergency closings or delays are made after consultation with neighboring schools and the Muccio Bus Company. Depending on the conditions, opinions are sometimes garnered from Penn Dot, local and State Police. First hand observations of the roads and highways within the District are also considered. The final decision rests with the Superintendent, which will be made after careful consideration of the facts at hand.

Parents First

The Ridgway School District stretches from Route 153 in the South to approximately four miles North of Ridgway on Route 219. Its Eastern border is Daguscahonda and its Western edge is the Lake City area. Obviously, a weather delay, cancellation or early dismissal may not adequately address this wide expanse. It is imperative that parents/ guardians realize that the final decision to send a child to or pick up a child from school during a weather emergency rests with the parents and their personal circumstances.

Early Dismissals (10 Minutes)

Sometimes weather conditions require a ten to twenty minute early dismissal. This gives the buses a few extra minutes on treacherous roads and usually results in getting the children home within ordinary arrival times.

During the Day

If a severe emergency or oncoming weather condition requires an early dismissal, it will be carried out when local emergency management officials and school administrators believe it to be in the best interest of the children. Parents will be given as much time as possible to provide appropriate supervision in their homes. The same radio and television stations used for emergency closings will be utilized.

Home Safety Plan

A home safety plan that includes a neighbor’s or relative’s residence as temporary housing, is always a good idea.

Emergency Closing Times

  • On rare occasions, an emergency closing may be called the night before. More often the emergency closing will be announced in the morning so an appropriate review of weather conditions can be made.
  • Information on a closing or 2-hour delay will be given to the media by 6:00 am.
  • A 2-hour delay decision will be followed by a cancellation announcement if weather conditions do not improve. The cancellation announcement will be provided to the media by 8:00 am. If no further announcements follow the delay decision, parents should presume that school and buses are operating on a two-hour delay.
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Parent/Guardian Notification System

News releases for weather closings and delays are provided to the following:**

  • WDDH – 97.5 FM
  • WKBI – 93.9 FM
  • WKBI – 1400 AM
  • WOWQ (Q102) – 102.1 FM

Local TV Stations

**Unfortunately, these stations may be unavailable at the time a decision is made. Please check multiple stations.